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Website Design
Token Generate
Crowdfund Contract
KYC and Whitelist
Social Growth

Service Description

Smart Contracts Customize

1. Provide standard ERC20 token generating service, with customized token name, token amount, lock, transfer switch. Tranfer the ownership after generating with safety.

2. Provide crowdfund smart contracts customization, includes service switch, dynamic exchange ratio, crowdfund on/off time.

Generate airdrop website

In order to let you have a large group of fans, growth hacker service is offered. With the help of growth hacker, you could have your own airdrop website and export those participants to Telegram channels

KYC and Crowdsale Whitelist

In order to deal with the regulatory policies of some countries, we provide a white list service that can open the white list verification logic when crowdfunding is in progress. At the same time, we will also provide a white list submission web portal to assist project parties in collecting user white list information.

Social Growth

Providing fan growth services for Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook, assisting in the promotion of project community popularity, and deploying professional Telegram robots for community management


ERC20 Token Generate

499 ETH


Customized Token Name
Customized Total Supply
Can Locked
Can Transfer Ownership
Can Add Admin


Airdrop Contract Generate

499 ETH


Airdrop to single address
Airdrop to multiple address
Customized Airdrop Amount
Provides Batch Script
Fast Withdraw All ETH and Token


Airdrop Website Deploy

2499 ETH


Customized Airdrop Token Name
Customized Airdrop Max Limit
Customized shared rate
Customized telegram link and token logo
Provides Dashboard WebSite


Following Increase

299 ETHFrom


Telegram Fans Growth
Facebook Fans Growth
Twitter Fans Growth
Telegram Bot
Twitter Bot


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